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Eric The Sex Offender


Eric's Crime Record from TDPS site: Click Here This report is not free, but anyone can register and pay $3.57 and it is yours. It is being dispayed here so the Citizens can read it with out all the hassel to request.

Texas Registered Sex Offender Report

SID Risk Level Sex Race Height
02572988 MODERATE Male White 509
Type Weight Shoe Size Eye Color Hair Color
Q 198 10.5 BRO BRO
Photo from 06/04/2008
The Sex Offender
NamesLATZ,ERIC RANDALL (primary)
Birthdates10/17/1959 (primary)
Type Date Agency
Registration 06/15/1999 TX1460000 LIBERTY SO LIBERTY CO
Verification 12/20/2007TX1460000 LIBERTY SO LIBERTY CO
236 C. R. 2109
Cleveland, TX 77327
Liberty County

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Property Owner: John F. Latz & Gary W. Skiles

To Confirm DataClick HereThen Enter 19833 in the Property ID Box, Then hit "Search Records" Button.
Courtesy of Liberty County Central Appraisal District.

Offense: 22990003 Burglary of Habitation;Agg. Rape;Agg. Robbery
Counts Victim Sex Victim Age Disposition Time Status
1 Female 43 04/27/1980 55 Yrs Paroled
Current EmployerTrinity River Valley Broadcasting Company
KSHN 99.9 FM (
Position: News Reporter/On Air Staff
Owner: William R. Buchanan
2099 Sam Houston St.
Liberty, Texas 77575
Telephone: 936-336-5793 or 800-356-5793
Fax: 936-336-5250

Check out the Staff Page on ""! The picture that was chosen by Eric Latz for himself was of Jack Nicholson from the Movie, "The Shining". Maybe that says something as how he still views himself, "Crazy"?
See for yourself Click Here.. Since the picture has been removed from the kshn site, you can see the same one here

Is he still sick?

Texas Paroled Sex Offenders Law

Paroled sex offenders are not allowed to be within 500 feet of any place where children are known to congregate. This is known as a “Child Safety Zone.”

Police Agencies Responsible

City of Liberty Police Department
323 San Jacinto Street
Liberty, TX 77575
Tel: 936 336-5666

Liberty County Sheriff's Department
Sheriff Bobby Rader
2400 Beaumont Ave.
Liberty, TX 77575
Tel: 936-336-4500

Texas Department of Public Safety
2113 Sam Houston St.
Liberty, TX 77575
Tel: 936-336-4583

** All information taken directly from the "Judgment/Sentence/Indictment" of the 178th District Court in Harris County, Texas. The Liberty County Sheriff's Office had another Verification of Eric R. Latz on 12/18/2007 and changed the Registered Sex Offender's Address to match the address that was on this site from the beginning. This Web Site is to thank for getting citizen's to complain about the fraudulent address reported by the local sheriff's dept to the Texas Dept. Of Public Safety. Now the address is a correct physical address, the powerful employer of Eric R.Latz in Liberty County obviously had to bend to the truth of records in the State Of Texas and not by his whims and desires. Citizens are a powerful group when they come together. The other information added was also taken from a public website as to his employment and employer. It should be given notice to the parents of children that attend functions covered by his employer, KSHN, as the only radio station in Liberty County, TX, that as a PAROLED sex offender until 2034 in the State of Texas he is not to be within 500 ft of an area that children congregate. That could be construed as the annual Trinity Valley Exposition (TVE) and The Public Easter Egg Hunt at the Liberty Municipal Park, both held yearly in Liberty County, TX. His employer plays a large roll in both of these events and Advertises both events held in Liberty County. It is actual fact that Eric Randall Latz has been allowed to attend and co-mingle with Children at the KSHN Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Liberty Municipal Park in Liberty, Texas by his Employer, William R. Buchanan & His Liberty County Parole Officer for over 10 years. This conduct by his Employer & Liberty Parole Officer is in direct violation of Texas Law that states that Registered Sex Offenders on Parole cannot be within 500 feet of children at places that children assemble, the Texas Law refers to it as a "Child Safety Zone". Since an Easter Egg Hunt is for children, it is sad that his Employer and local Parole Officer has allowed Eric R. Latz to attend these functions for over Ten (10) Years. Well, in March/2008 the cycle was broken and Eric Randall Latz was not allowed to attend, because the Director of Region III, found out from a local citizen, of the illegal activity of Eric Latz, working with local Boy Scouts parking cars at Liberty Municipal Park, at the annual Easter Egg Hunt, by his Boss and Co-Owner, Bill Buchanan, of KSHN radio station, located in Liberty, Texas. Eric Latz was allowed by his then Parole Officer in Liberty County, Texas, Janet Pavlock, to attend the Easter Egg Hunt, against the restriction of a Paroled Sex Offender in Texas. Needless to say, then Local Parole Officer, Janet Pavlock and William Buchanan was livid, that Eric Latz was going to be treated like other Registered Sex Offenders in the State of Texas. The Local Parole Officer, Janet Pavlock was down right rude when questioned about Eric attending this years (2008) Easter Egg Hunt, put on by Kshn Radio and their Sponsors.
NOTE: The Gentleman, who spear headed this crusade, received a letter dated March 20, 2008 from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Parole Division. The letter was from Linda Tierling, Regional Director/Region III, incharge of Liberty County, Texas and the local parole officer, Janet Pavlock, who oversees Eric R. Latz during his parole that ends in March/2034. Linda Tierling stated in the letter that Offender Latz would not be allowed to attend the March 22, 2008, Egg Hunt or any future Egg Hunts. She also stated that Janet Pavlock, Eric's Parole Officer would be working closely with William Buchanan to make sure no future radio promotions conflicted with Eric's parole guidelines. It should be stated at this point, that Parole Officer Janet Pavlock, William Buchanan and Liberty County Sheriff's Department, then Deputy Terri Nolan Fairchild (Captain Phillip "Chip" Fairchild's, Liberty County Sheriff's Department, current wife, if they are back together after a recent break-up) are Livid about this decision made by the Parole Division and are currently trying very hard to discredit the character of the Gentleman that made all of this happen with no help or support from anyone. All court documents and other expenses were paid from his own pocket and he took no public credit for this mighty endeavor by a regular citizen of Liberty County, Texas. He is a true hero to the Children of the county. You see we, the citizens, are fighting the local parole office, Janet Pavlock, the owner of Kshn Radio, William Buchanan and the then Deputy of The Liberty County Sheriff's Department, Terri Nolan Fairchild, who is the Sex Offender Contact for the Agency. They all say that Eric Randall Latz is a "Model Citizen" and is "Very Nice" and his character is actually better than a Citizen that have never committed a crime, because he lives by a stricter code. So, let's keep fighting the fight for the rules to be applied fairly to all "Registered Sex Offenders" in Texas and not special rules for Sex Offenders with Political Clout in the County of Liberty.
Beware parents of Children and if you see Eric Latz at public gatherings of children, call 911 and report it, he has Committed Aggravated (knife) Rape on a Female once and it could happen again to You or Your Children, by this known Sex Offender. If you want to see Eric R. Latz's Texas Sex Offender Record reported by his supervising agency, The Liberty County Sheriff's Department.
Click Here.
Be Safe, Eric Randall Latz lurks in Liberty County!!!

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